Saturday, 16 May 2009

DIY boutique

The DIY Boutique is an orginal idea for a shop and fashion from Stardoll. At this shop, the outfits arn't whole, and you can mix and match them how you like. I think stardoll has noticed people mix-and-matching clothes and made a special shop for it. The clothes are nice and cheap so you won't spend too much buying anything. It's a very inspiration shop. Love, Rachel x

Friday, 8 May 2009

Dolly Prom Style.

There is a knew 'Doll Prom' style in StarPlaza, ranging from stunning dresses, cute little skirts with bows to casual jackets and trousers. The clothes are avalible for Superstar and non-superstar, obviously ranging in choise. The shops you can buy the the outfits from are, Pretty In Pink and Evil Panda, Fudge (Accessories mainly). You can also get some matching accessories at Spendid. Ok, get happy shopping, stardoll spenders! Rachel, xx

Saturday, 25 April 2009


May HotBuys
I love the new HotBuys!
With items inspired by Balmain, Miu Miu and Stella McCartney, they are one of the best HB ever!-
Band Jacket, Bisou, 1 May, Inspired by Balmain
- Sequin Dress, Rio, 4 May, Inspired by Matthew Williamson
- Bow, Splendid, 6 May, Inspired by Miu Miu-
Art Dress, Bisou, 9 May, Inspired by Oscar de la Renta-
Cuff, Rio, 12 May-
Party Dress, Pretty In Pink, 14 May, Inspired by Luella-
Swimsuit, Bisou, 20 May, Inspired by Azzaro-
Zip Purse, Fudge, 22 May-
Bubble Shorts, Pretty In Pink, 26 May, Inspired by Stella McCartney-
Wedges, Bisou, 27 May



This Look Is only for superstars but its philosphy and is 22sds only omd
There Is A Sale On Stardoll Yay Its Finally Here But Only For SuperStars Sorry Non SuperStars

I have Bought from philosophy it is gawjuss yesh it is here is a pic of me wearing some of it.I really like philosophy and the sale hit me bad i wanted to spend all my money on it but i couldnt.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Simple Club Freebies

Stardoll, has a new awesome, free gift club! When you join club Simple_VIP_Club , you recive a free dress and some makeup tissues, however, only for UK users. I haven't got these freebies yet, but hopefully they`ll be in my suite waiting for me, love, Rachel x


DKNY is inspired by Primark because today i went and i saw this in tere and lots of butterflys like our effect on stardoll so is it that they come from there??? I so love Primark please getl oads of ideas from there again!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

30 Free Stardollers?

At the moment i`m typing Stardoll has 29,552,629 members, unfortunatly, i wasn`t there when the site got 20,000,000 members however, i have heard enough such as, everybody got 20 FREE STARDOLLERS and there was a lottery. So there are many rumors going around that we will get 30 stardollers (WE ALL HOPE! :D ) and maybe another lottery, so that means, we will all have 30 stardollers to spend and one lucky person on stardoll may get everybody staring at them with green eyes! ;P Ok well... keep playing till 30,000,000 members.. Rachel x

Friday, 17 April 2009


The Butterfly Effect has really nice stock i particually love the dresses welll most of them are dresses lol save up and buy some most of the Butterfly are for superstars sorry but save up. follow

this link to see more about this butterfly effect

The BIG sale

In stardoll it s time for the superstars to have their sale there are lots of great bargains ranging from 1 stardollar to 4 (WOW) i really like the candles and the blue dog so hip or what. I feel a bit sorry for the non-superstars because they cant have all these great things we have like DKNY or ELLE or LE!

Thursday, 16 April 2009


If you're from the Netherlands, you can get the dog by watching the trailer in the cinema. But if you are not Dutch, follow these steps to get the FREE Chloe Dog:1. Go into surfert.nl2. Type in: Log in4. Wait a few seconds, then log out.5. Log in to normal Stardoll. There you have your dog!
It is a really funky dog!

LE in Stock!

The all new.. Limited Edition (LE) shop is now.. Re-opened :D . The items of clothings are cute and awesome, but extremely expensive, as LE always is. It`s worth checking out, so go down to the LE store in Starplaza NOW!, x .

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

LE free necklase

People are asking is the LE necklase really free and does everyone get one. No everyone does not get one because you need to have bought from LE2.I inderviually like this necklase it is really pretty and the pink diamond inside really look nice the necklase should be in your suite go go go get it if you bought LE2.

please comment if this is helpful

LE coming soon?

LE is closed for renovation like DKNY were so i have a felling there is gonig to be a new collection will it be nice or will it be dreaded...


On stardoll soon there will be like whipes im sure there free, in real life i have these lol they are for make up. I read this in spoilers it will be for UK only i thik because it is a UK product. It will be like in the club dove i think
Xx freestuffxoxxX